The Story Behind WakaTicket

WakaTicket is a solution to your journey

Capital of A few years ago whilst in the financial capitalof Frankfurt,we needed to travel to Bremen rather urgently. After considering all our travel options, traveling by car seemed to be the best and most convenient way. Going by bus was also an option we considered, although buying a ticket was somewhat time consuming and daunting, as we were not familiar with the various ticket options. Not to add to the fact that we were under time pressure. So with all that in mind, we hit the “autobahn” and drove to Bremen. Had it have been easier to purchase a bus ticket, we might have taken the bus ride instead. However, it was during those long hours to Bremen that our idea WakaTicket was born.

You see, out of the inconvenience we experienced with simply obtaining a bus ticket, the idea came to us. How easy and convenient would it be to purchase a bus ticketfrom anywhere? As the hours passed from Frankfurt to Bremen, we discussed the different approaches, strategies and alternatives to optimize a fitting solution to the average commuters’ journey. Today, we are proud to present WakaTicket, an idea with fantastic potential to change the way in which we will start your journey.

About WakaTicket

“Life is one long journey with many steps and obstacles on route, only to reach your desired destination.”

With WakaTicket, we enable travelers to sit back and focus on the destination rather than the step-by step organization of the journey itself. How are we doing this? We are simplifying the way in which you will be able to book and purchase your ticket. By delivering a software to major travel companies, we will enable customers to experience a simple, fast and hassle free way of booking your tickets online and then leaving the freedom to enjoy reaching your destination

In Collaboration with hundreds of service providers across Cameroon and wider Africa, our ticket booking platform allows travelers to search and book tickets from the bus company of your choice and at your convenience. WakaTicket offers customers a unique opportunity to shop for the best and most affordable bus ticket prices. In addition to that, customers also get a chance to choose the most convenient and nearest pick-up and drop-off locations over a number of destinations.

WakaTicket has developed an in-house customized website and mobile app to ensure travelers are able to book bus tickets whilst even on the go and,just minutes before the actual time of your bus’s departure.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to provide a simple, customer centered solution by making travel plans simple and fast for anyone, anywhere.