The WakaTicket App is available to download on Google Play Store for android devices and apple users can download it through App Store. In addition to that, you can also download the app from our website by visiting ‘WakaTicket App Download’ page.
The easiest way to book a ticket is either by visiting our website or through our app. Do not forget to check out the different campaigns we are running through website and app to ensure booking tickets in the best possible fare. You will get a confirmation message via email as well as via text message on your registered phone number. Apart from that, you can book tickets either from the agents or by directly visiting the service provider’s office, whichever suits you.
Placez le curseur de votre souris dans la barre de recherche , puis tapez votre recherche. Vous pouvez ensuite affiner vos recherches en utilisant les filtres selon le nom d'agence, de l'artiste, le menu , la ville...etc