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Travel Online in Cameroon with WakaTicket – Bus Reservation


We Operate All Over the Cameroon

WakaTicket is associated with service providers running buses in most of the Cameroon cities and towns like Yaoundé, Bertoua, Nkongsamba, Mbalmayo, Maroua, and more.

Cameroon lies centrally in the Trans-African Highway network having three routes crossing the territory. This means Cameroon is the ideal place to close the gaps in Central Africa. Although, some of the roads are not well maintained, having understood the potential of good roads to increase regional trade Cameroon government is planning to build good roads connecting to major cities and towns in the country.

At present WakaTicket is associated with different service providers running their buses on following highways

N1: Yaoundé - Bertoua - Ngaoundéré - Garoua - Maroua

       - Kouséri, border with Chad

N2: Yaoundé - Mbalmayo - Ebolowa - Woleu Ntem, 

       border with Gabon

N3: Yaoundé - Edéa - Douala – Idenau

N4: Yaoundé - Bafia – Bafoussam

N5: Douala - Nkongsamba - Bafang – Bafoussam

N6: Ejagham, border with Nigeria - Bamenda –  

       Bafoussam  - Tibati – Lokoti

N7: Edéa – Kribi

N8: Mutengene - Kumba – Mamfé

N9: Mbalmayo - Nki, border with Congo

N10: Yaoundé - Bertoua - Batouri - Kenzou, border with

        the Central African Republic

*Source: Transport in Cameroon