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Lundi, 27 Mar 2023 
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Foire aux questions
Comment ça marche?
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Moyens de paiement
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From where can I download the WakaTicket App?
The WakaTicket App is available to download on Google Play Store for android devices and apple users can download it through App Store. In addition to that, you can also download the app from our website by visiting ‘WakaTicket App Download’ page. Détails
What are the routes covered by WakaTicket App?
You will find all the routes and destination we have covered in our search field. You can find the current road network we are on by visiting ‘Where we operate page. Détails
Where can I find the bus stops?
For every location, you choose, you will be provided with the available boarding and departure points. You just have to select the one that is nearby and convenient for you. For your convenience, you will get the complete address of your selected pickup point in your booking confirmation message. Détails
How can I book a ticket?
The easiest way to book a ticket is either by visiting our website or through our app. Do not forget to check out the different campaigns we are running through website and app to ensure booking tickets in the best possible fare. You will get a confirmation message via email as well as via text message on your registered phone number. Apart from that, you can book tickets either from the agents or by directly visiting the service provider’s office, whichever suits you. Détails
How can I pay for the ticket fare?
When you are booking through WakaTicket App or website you can easily pay using your Credit Card, Debit Card or through Net Banking option. The payment gateway we have integrated into the app as well on the website is safest and secure by all standards, so you can pay online without worrying. Détails
I am facing problems with my online booking & What do I do?
Most of the times if you are experiencing problems during ticket booking it is likely due to the browser issues. Please ensure to Use a different browser Try emptying and clearing the cache and cookies of your browser and restarting it& Check whether your browser needs an update If you are booking the ticket using WakaTicket App, check for network connectivity and if still problem persists you are requested to get in touch with us on our customer service number +237 12345678 Détails
Can I cancel my ticket?
Yes!We understand the different reasons leading you to cancel your planned journey leaving you with no option but to cancel the booked ticket. There are multiple scenarios in which you can cancel your ticket. You are allowed to cancel the ticket till 30 minutes before departure of the bus and after which Cancellation is not allowed. In case of ticket cancellation, You will get a Coupon Code with 1 month validity which You can use within 1 month, beyond which it will be invalid and no money will be refunded. Détails
Can I change my personal details provided at the time of registration?
Yes!Can I change my personal details provided at the time of registration? Détails
Do I need a printed receipt to board the bus?
Although you can carry printed copy of the ticket, it is not at all necessary to board the ticket; since you will be having the ticket booking confirmation message. Just show the message to the concerned person and you are good to board the bus without any worries. Détails
What are features available in the bus?
WakaTicket is an online bus ticketing platform and not a bus company; therefore, the features you will be getting inside the bus and strictly dependent on the service providers. Though, in most of the buses available in WakaTicket, you will find comfortable seats, toilette, Wi-Fi, electrical sockets and Media Center with films and music on demand. Nevertheless, in some of the long route buses snacks and drinks are also served as part of the additional service offered by the service provider. You are able to access all the information regarding the bus features at the time of searching buses, which makes it easier for you to pick the bus that is most suitable for you. Détails
If I forget my luggage in bus or I miss something in bus – what should I do?
In case, if you forget your luggage or if any of your luggage is missing, we will help you to retrieve it, but for that you will have to fill out our “Lost and Found form” or contact our customer service +237 12345678. Détails
Download The Free WakaTicket App for iOS and Android
Download our free WakaTicket App on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices so you can plan your journey and book tickets way ahead of time. The WakaTicket App is designed to offer most out of your local Cameroon bus services. With the help of this app, it becomes easier to plan your journey way ahead of time. Now you can search for timing of the buses on different routes, you can select the bus of your choice, you can pick the convinient baording point, and you can confirm your ticket on the go. Features of WakaTicket Easy User Interface: By enabling users to interact with the app system by smoothly communicating meaning and function, WakaTicket App is designed to have a responsive and intuitive design that can be easily used even by a novice. Booking on the Go: Search for the destination you are planning to travel and conveniently book your bus ticket while on the move. Save the instantly delivered booking confirmation message directly in your Smartphone. Go Paperless: Save all your tickets directly in your app or save the booking confirmation message in your inbox, use it for Express Check-in, and get a fast entry in the bus. Go paperless, as no printout is necessary to board the bus. Get Self Help: If you have any doubts or any questions regarding our app, bookings or timing of the bus, please visit the FAQ page. If you are not satisfied, you can drop us a mail by contacting us through Contact Us page or by calling us on * +237 12345678. Détails
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